What Else Can Canoeists Do?

What Else Can Canoeists Do
BC still has some large areas of wilderness but pressure on our environment is steadily increasing. Our lifestyles and economy demand more resource extraction. Water is becoming increasingly important as a commodity. Energy (hydroelectricity) is incredibly important to our lifestyles. Climate change is impacting snow packs, river levels, flora and fauna. What can we do?






A major problem that we face is that there are significant disconnects between many of our daily actions and the resulting environmental consequences. Because these environmental impacts are mainly the result of non-wilderness activities at home and work, and the impacts tend to happen too slowly for us to perceive, it becomes difficult to understand their importance. Yet another disconnect is our inability to perceive how a small action multiplied by millions of people equals a big impact.

We can take the time to educate ourselves to make choices that have less impact, if we choose to. Some people may find these suggestions a step backwards, while others find satisfaction in knowing they are reducing their footprint.


  • Let your local politicians and business leaders know if you feel change in environmental policy is needed.
  • Be a role model and inspire others.
  • Support people and organizations that are having a positive impact.
  • Volunteer your energy and skills!


  • Paddle close to home more often
  • Carpool to conserve resources
  • Plan ahead and discuss reducing your impact on paddling trips



  • Conserve energy & water
  • Recycle, reduce waste and be very thoughtful about what you introduce into the waste water system
  • Consider how your diet impacts water and resources. Certain types of agriculture are having a massive impact on biodiversity and water quality.
  • Do your best to purchase items that have a lower impact on water and resources



  • Make your canoes and gear last. Store canoes covered to prevent UV damage.
  • Buy gear that will last
  • Repair gear instead of throwing it out
  • Look for progressive companies that make products that have less environmental impact and have programs that benefit the environment

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