About UsThe Recreational Canoeing Association of British Columbia was established in 1978 with a mandate to promote canoeing and safety in our province. We are pleased to offer many services to canoeists and canoeing instructors in BC:

  • A canoe certification system that ensures quality instruction
  • A strong emphasis on canoeing safely
  • Clinics, meetings and gatherings that enable knowledge to be shared amongst its instructors
  • A voice in environmental and access issues that affect your waterway
  • Liability insurance for recreational instructors
  • A website with information for all canoeists
  • The CANEWS newsletter to help keep members in contact with one another in our large province
  • Zone representatives to assist people in all areas of BC
  • Contact with executive members about canoeing safety and paddling routes

The RCABC Executive

The RCABC executive is a dedicated group of volunteers that meets monthly by telephone to guide the direction of the organization. Many sub committees meet and individual initiative and effort happens behind the scenes. Thousands of hours of volunteer work go into keeping RCABC running and able to offer its services. Complex tasks performed by these volunteers such as financial work, certification and course upgrades, newsletter editing, chairing meetings, determining policies, environmental policy decisions, website building and maintenance, database management, grant offers and much more are vital to keeping RCABC running smoothly.


Volunteers are vital to the continued health and growth of RCABC. The vast majority of work done within RCABC is done on a volunteer basis. If you are interested in helping please contact us and let us know. In the future we hope to have a volunteer registry and a list of tasks that need volunteer help.



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