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How to Support RCABC

RCABC is a volunteer run organization that provides certification for instructors, leaders and paddlers that are getting kids, youth and adults outside, active and appreciating nature. Many of our instructors work for alternate schools and youth at risk programs, as well as camps, high schools, clubs and guiding.  The RCABC helps give paddlers a voice in access and environmental concerns through our partnership with Leave No Trace, BC Marine Trails, the Outdoor Recreation Council of BC, and more. We organize and support a yearly Canoe Festival at Lake Kawkawa and our Rivers Weekend whitewater festival and more. 

You can support the RCABC by:

  •  Becoming a Paddler Member

-        Becoming a PADDLER MEMBER is a great way to stay involved and to keep informed as to our organizations activities as well as having a vote at our annual AGM.

  •  Making a donation

-        We accept donations big and small. We are often looking for prizes for our events. So, if you own a small business or just happen to have some extra goodies laying around, please offer your canoeing related equipment or gift certificates to spice up our AGM and other events. We’ll be more than happy to give you a shout-out! 

  •  Volunteering for our executive, committees, or at events like our Canoe Festival.

-        We are always looking for volunteers to join our executive, help with our committee work and to run our events. Contact us if you are willing to volunteer and we can let you know about which positions are available or how you can help out. 



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