RCABC Safety Sendout Program Report - 2015

This is the Final Report RCABC Safety Sendout Project. A summary is shown below. For the full document, click here.

This Final Report follows the structure and format of the Project Narrative, submitted December 2014, and the Interim Report, submitted August, 2015.
Brief Description of Progress
During the course of the BC Safety Sendout Project, we
- identified 16 individuals who lead or influence other paddlers
- used the grant money to pay for their attendance at our annual RCABC Paddle Conference free of charge
- provided a boating safety syllabus based on known and documented causes of boating deaths
- held a training session specifically for the Sendout participants
- confirmed through testing that participants learned the content
- insured that participants passed their knowledge on to secondary learners
- confirmed through reporting questionnaires
o that secondary teaching occurred, and
o that the number of secondary trainees exceeded expectations
What we have accomplished
We have trained a group of paddling leaders in order that they could in turn train others about safe boating practices, and we have insured that they have completed this task.


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