New RCABC Liability Insurance Policy

RCABC is pleased to announce that we have a new and improved liability insurance policy. Use these links for more details or see the summary below.
RCABC website links:
The main upgrades to the policy include the following:
  • There is no restriction on instructor income. Instructors can teach RCABC courses as a career and have amazingly affordable liability coverage.
  • Instructors and clubs are insured for sanctioned activities in the USA.
  • You can buy optional and affordable insurance coverage for canoe guiding or non-sanctioned canoeing activities.
  • The insurance provider offers thorough documentation and support.
  • Club guests, volunteers and many external parties are covered (when they are involved in a sanctioned event).
  • The policy is somewhat simpler and offers faster administration.
Liability insurance coverage is only available for RCABC sanctioned activities. For instructors this means the following:
  • The instructor is a current member and has current certification.
  • The courses and clinics follow all RCABC and Transport Canada safety protocols.
  • Students complete an RCABC Course Registration Form.
  •  The instructor teaches within maximum ratios and teaches only what they are certified to teach.
  • The instructor teaches within the guidelines in the RCABC Instructor Manual for your course.
For RCABC Club Members ‘sanctioning’ means the following:
If you have any questions about the policy, please contact any member of the RCABC executive.


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