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Kootenay Baker

The Recreational Canoeing Association of BC has supported paddlers for decades by developing certifications and resources to get youth connected to nature and the water. The RCABC Education Committee is working to make it easier for students to get on the water and into the wilderness, where learning is natural! Our committee goal is:

"To assist BC teachers and administrators in running fun and safe canoeing activities and to provide resources to help integrate the study of the canoe and its heritage into your classroom activities."

Benefits of Canoe Activities with your Class

Create fun and memorable experiences that bond your class

Expose youth to physical challenge and the aquatic environment

Develop leadership, team work, and independence

Connect youth with local nature and first nation ways of learning


Curricular Content Options

Indigenous culture and Canadian history

Technology and geography

Art and cultural connections including literature and poetry

Science and design connections including STEM and physics

Tlingit Dugout Small

How Can the RCABC Education Committee help you?

Connect you with nearby educators who canoe with their class

Help plan canoe based activities and trips in your area

Advise on questions of risk management and safety

Provide training and certification courses

Share resources, lesson plans and canoe related activities

Learn more and access resources at:www.bccanoe.com/education

Solo Youth

Want to Volunteer with the Education Committee?

We are working towards the goal of having a representative from every school district or region in BC as part of a network. This is intended to be a grass roots, teacher driven committee that can assist in steering RCABC in the right direction with respect to providing students with a diverse and experiential outdoor education!

RCABC Education Committee Chair, Keiran Rankin

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 778 220 7808

RCABC Instructor Coordinator, Peter Hiebert

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