Canoe Tripping Program Changes

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New as of June 2018
A few small but important changes in the Tripping Program:
1) In order to facilitate running more Tripping Paddler courses for youth programs, a Tripping Instructor can now use a certified Tripping Leader as a second trip leader for a certified Tripping Paddler level course. This eliminates the need to have two Tripping Instructors for a typical group of youth (10-18 students). The inclusion of a Tripping Leader boosts the ratio of students from a maximum of 9 to a maximum of 18, based on the existing ratio of 9:1.
2) In order to make the Tripping Leader certificate more appealing to achieve, the prerequisites have been made more flexible. Instead of needing a Level 3 Advanced Tandem Lakewater certificate (even for leading on lakes), the prerequisite can optionaly be a Moving Water Tandem (Level 1) certificate. The Moving Water certificate includes all of the strokes contained in Advanced Tandem Lakewater. Many people would rather take a river course as opposed to an advanced lake course, and it is hoped that this change will attract more interest in the Tripping Leader program.
Note that the best way to train Tripping Leaders is to include them in an actual Tripping Paddler course and get first hand experience managing groups.

Roger Warnatsch

Instructor Coordinator


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