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Thank you for your interest in supporting RCABC with a Guide Membership!

The $40 fee (as of April 2018) Guide Membership helps support RCABC's volunteers to bring a standardized level of skill and leadership to the canoe guiding world. A one year membership from April 1st to March 31st the following year costs $40.



A Guide Membership:

  • gives you access to our instructor manual through your online account
  • connects you with other guides in the canoe industry
  • lists you on our website once you've obtained your guide certification
  • receives our CANEWS newsletter to keep you in touch with happenings throughout the province
  • gives you a vote in RCABC decisions and elections
  • give you a greater voice with access and environmental concerns



To RENEW your Paddler Membership:
1)   log in to your member account and renew online by using PayPal (or send a cheque). Contact the executive if you have trouble logging in.
2)     pdf print off a paper form (181 KB) and mail it to our Treasurer with a cheque.


If you haven't been a member before, click on the "Online Application" to create you acccount and use PayPal or send a cheque. If you wish to use a paper form and mail a cheque, click on the "Mail in Application".

InstMembOnlineApp InstMembMailIn

RCABC is a volunteer run organization that provides certification for instructors, guides, leaders and paddlers that are getting kids, youth and adults outside, active and appreciating nature. Many of our instructors work for alternate schools and youth at risk programs, as well as camps, high schools, clubs and guiding.

More benefits of supporting RCABC are:

-Supporting the promotion of safe canoeing and the advancement of canoeing skills in BC

-Having a voice in access and environmental concerns

-Supporting important agencies such as Leave No Trace, BC Marine Trails, Paddle Canada and Outdoor Recreation Council of BC

-Joining a network of passionate canoeists and instructors constantly advancing canoeing techniques

-Yearly Paddle Conference with excellent selection of clinics and entertainment

-CANEWS newsletter either sent by mail or by email

-Website devoted to educating the public and creating canoeing community in BC

-A vote or a voice on important matters that affect the direction of RCABC

-An opportunity to volunteer and learn new skills through participation on the executive or committees


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