RCABC Executive Member Contacts

This group contains the Executive Members of The Recreational Association of British Columbia.  You are invited to email any one of these if you need to ask questions about the function of the RCABC Executive.  In addition, there are executive members who represent the various regionds of BC and Yukon.  The listing of those executive members can be found at this MENU item.

Name Position Phone Province
Kari-Ann Thor Treasurer 604 253 5410
Don Flowers Current Past President 250-426-7389
Roger Warnatsch Instructor Coordinator 250 427 0210
Keiran Rankin Presdient 778-220-7808
Vanessa Elton Vice-President 250-510-9024
Jennifer Hiebert Secretary 604.941.1572
Ian Leitch Communications Director Email Only
Rioul Wiart Regional Coordinator 250-661-1957
Chris Kaipio Partnership Director 604-935-4705
Jim Boyd Environmental Director 867-633-6034


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