Scouts, Girl Guides & Other Organization Insurance

RCABC instructors commonly teach courses to groups such as Scouts, Girl Guides and other youth groups. Some of these organizations have specific requirements regarding the liability insurance coverage of the instructors leading the youth. Scouts Canada and Girl Guides are examples.

Girl Guides simply requires that RCABC instructors provide proof of third party liability insurance before teaching a course to any Girl Guides group. This is done with a Certificate of Insurance which our broker can provide with a 24 hour turnaround time. The certificate must be submitted to a girl guides activiteis coordinator for the BC/Yukon region for approval.

Scouts Canada requires the following of RCABC:

  • RCABC must enter into an "indemnity agreement" with Scouts Canada
  • Scouts members are not permitted to sign RCABC waivers of liability
  • Scouts Canada must have a Certificate of Insurance from our insurer proving that RCABC has third party liability insurance coverage
  • RCABC must submit this information yearly

RCABC requires the following from it's instructors:

  • Do not ask Scouts members to sign the RCABC Waiver and Registration Form
  • Have Scouts read and sign an "acknowledgment of risk" form (it does not include waiving the right to sue)
  • It has been recommended that RCABC instructors only be present with a group of students and not alone with a single student. This is not an unusual policy for working with youth.

Insurance coverage for RCABC instructors is still avaiable for Scouts courses but only in the case of sanctioned RCABC courses taught to Scouts Canada members even though our standard waiver and registration form hasn't been signed by the students. Having the Scouts members (and their guardian) read and sign the acknowledgement of risk form communicates to the student and parent that there is risk involved in canoeing and that they were informed and acknowledge this risk.


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