Director and Officer Insurance

As of April 2014, RCABC acquired a new insurance policy and provider. The new policy is affordable and intended to make canoeing instruction and activities as worry free for instructors as possible, provided they follow the sanctioning guidelines. RCABC Liability Insurance coverage is a service to its membership and does not create a profit for the organization. The coverage is available for instructor members, club members and directors and officers (executive members).

RCABC Executive Members and clubs that are current members of RCABC automatically have third party liability insurance coverage for their executive (directors and officers).

Please review all of our insurance documents in this location - Insurance Documents Documents

RCABC Executive & Club Executive FAQs

Why do executive members need liability insurance?

While liability insurance is optional, RCABC and Club executive members are exposed to liability through their instructors, leaders and club members, although legal action against executive members is even less likely. This policy allows our volunteers to continue working without the threat of personal loss in the event of legal action against RCABC or the club.

What are the details of that coverage?

The maximum liability coverage is $1,000,000 with no limit to the number of claims.

Are vehicles covered for third party liability if they are on their way to or from RCABC events?

If a vehicle is rented under the name of the RCABC (with an RCABC credit card), it’s covered; otherwise, vehicles are personal responsibility. Considering that RCABC has never done this and has no plans to begin, effectively there is no coverage coming and going to events.

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