Instructor Manual

Quick Link:  If already have an RCABC account LOGIN HERE to access the Instructor Manual.  You'll find the link in the left side menu.

The RCABC Instructor Manual is available online as a pdf or can be purchased already printed, in a tab separated binder. It is about 180 pages and contains the following chapters:

  1. Certification (details certification types and policy)
  2. Theory (safety and practices, supports course content)
  3. Environment (Leave No Trace)
  4. Teaching Resources (course support for instructors and instructor trainers)
  5. Practical Skills (skills other than strokes)
  6. Strokes and Braces (detailed written descriptions)
  7. Rescue (details)
  8. Appendices (various supporting materials)

To view it online, you need to be an instructor member or a paddler member or RCABC by creating an account and paying the membership fee. You can sign up here.

To receive a printed copy, download the certificate and manual order form and fax or email it to Sasamat Outdoor Centre. They will send it to you by mail or courier.


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