The Newsletter for RCABC is called 'CANEWS' and of course this is a 'sounds-like' -- Canoes!  Very clever...  It is important to note that CANEWS is the official newsletter for the Recreational Canoeing Association of British Columbia.  CANEWS is published at least four times a year and is taken care of by our Executive Member, the Newsletter Editor, Alanna Ray.  This is an elected position and chosen at the RCABC AGM on the 'Even' Years.  The success of CANEWS depends entirely upon submissions from canoeists in British Columbia and the skilled editing that is required by our Newsletter Editor.

All of our newsletters dating back to 2004 have been electronically prepared and are posted on our website.  Everytime a new issue is prepared RCABC sends out a general email with the URL (that is web location) of the latest edition.  Alternatively, you can opt to have a 'hard copy' mailed to your home address by entering that choice in your membership details.  We hope you enjoy past editions of CANEWS and hope that you will contribute in the future!

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